What’s your 4-Pack Challenge?

Ditch the seltzer or kombucha! - How much better could you function with a hard pressed juice bursting in naturally occurring probiotics? 0g of sugar, super mushrooms, and super fruits in every sip means you finally don’t have to sacrifice performance to have a little fun.

Pulp Culture® is fermented fuel, loaded with super mushrooms and adaptogens. With every can, you get closer to experiencing the true effect that a beneficial beverage can give. It’s hard to explain just how much different you’ll feel compared to “less bad” alcoholic beverages. So drink better, and enjoy the “Entourage Effect”!

Take the 4-Pack challenge: Enjoy a 4-Pack of Pulp Culture® instead of your normal kombucha, light beer or seltzer and see how much better you feel. It’s simply the best buzz on the planet.

Brendan Brazier’s 4-Pack Challenge:

  • 30

    Miles Around Manhattan

  • 4-Pack

    of Fermented Fuel

  • 47

    Year-Old Athlete

How fast will he do it?

This spring, co-founder Brendan Brazier will navigate the Manhattan Loop, running 30 miles around New York City with only Pulp Culture® to quench his thirst! A feat that’s difficult enough before you add in the stigma surrounding alcoholic beverages. We believe that not only will Brendan run a very competitive time, but the next day, he’ll feel better than if he had drank just water. The super fruits, super mushrooms, and naturally occurring probiotics combined with 0g of sugar or sweeteners means Pulp Culture® will be literally providing some of the best fuel that nature has to offer for his run.

With previous record attempts averaging around 3.5 hours, it will be a long grueling run. Follow our @pulpculturejuice on Instagram to keep up with Brendan’s progress.