Learn more about Pulp Culture, the fermentation process, and our beverages.

All of the apples and other fruits we use are sustainably farmed. Because we are a wild fermentation facility, we do not require the amount of water nor the harsh chemicals you would find in most kombucha or beer breweries. We pride ourselves on bringing you a great product with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

All of our ingredients are source verified, non-GMO, and vegan. Because we ferment to zero sugar and allow for the wild yeast to consume any remaining carbohydrates, our beverages are also Keto friendly. We get our beverages lab tested frequently to ensure that we aren’t overpromising

Fermentation naturally consumes all of the sugar in our juices, and we don’t reintroduce any sweeteners or sugars.

Probiotics don’t require refrigeration, however we understand why you may think that. The majority of probiotic commercial beverages (alcoholic or not), are not completely fermented, so there is still sugar in the can or bottle. When yeast and bacteria eat sugar, they produce carbon dioxide (among other things), so these types of beverages require refrigeration to make those microorganisms go dormant and stop producing gas, which would over-carbonate the beverage or rupture the container. Our hard pressed juices are completely fermented to dry, meaning there is no sugar remaining, so there is no chance of our microorganisms producing any additional gas.

We let yeast and bacteria that are naturally occurring on fruit and in our juicery ferment our beverages. This means we do not have to add any lab-created monocultures of yeast, we just let Mother Nature do the work!

During wild fermentation, naturally occurring yeast eats the available sugar and creates all the goodness available in our cold pressed juice. When no sugar is present, certain fruits, herbs and mushrooms do not retain the same taste commonly associated with them. So why are they there?! Well, the short answer is function. Event though the flavor is different, the function of each ingredient is still there for you and helps bolster the flavor overall!

We strive for honesty and transparency in our lives, and this philosophy extends to our beverages. What you see on our labels is what you get.