Drink Better.

Pulp Culture® is hard pressed juice, enhanced by superfoods and adaptogens, that supports active, healthy lifestyles.

  • – Hiwaa Alaghebandian

    "I believe that alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. That being said, I've always been on the hunt for healthier ways to drink, and now that I've found Pulp Culture, my hunt is over. I'm absolutely obsessed with your product & it's the only way I drink now."

It's Just Juice. Fermented.

Pulp Culture® is fermented fuel, loaded with super mushrooms and adaptogens. With every can, you get closer to experiencing the true effect that a beneficial beverage can give. It’s hard to explain just how much different you’ll feel compared to “less bad” alcoholic beverages. So drink better, and enjoy the “Entourage Effect”!

  • Zero

    All of the natural sugars in our blends are consumed by wild yeasts, resulting in a bone dry and alcoholic juice.

  • Spontaneously

    No yeast or sugar added. Not filtered or flavored. This is what happens when raw juice sits for a few months!

  • Live

    6 billion CFU's of live probiotics in every can! Yup, you read that correctly. We rely on mother nature alone to get the job done.

  • Botanical

    Our blends are crafted with medicinal herbs and superfoods, helping you to find balance while you buzz.

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What Is Full Spectrum®?

Full Spectrum® fermentation unlocks the potential of our superfood ingredients, converts natural fruit sugars into alcohol, and results in a living beverage that is loaded with billions of probiotic organisms. This ancestral method of fermentation delivers a dynamic of flavors that are delicious and exciting to the palate, perfect for those who are seeking performance and restoration.

Spontaneously Fermented

Every can of Pulp Culture® is crafted from: 2 Super Fruits, 2 Superfoods, & 1 Super Mushroom. All good, no guilt.


Drink Better. Try Pulp Culture® Today.